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I am Moath Alhajri from Saudi Arabia, I have bachelor degree in Information Systems from King Saud University and I am working now as Software Developer at TamkeenTech company

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Information Systems Blog

Blog for information systems students contains plan study details, courses description, advices, tips, and resources.

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Hide Twitter Trends

Hide Twitter (Trending now, Who to follow, Topics to follow) taps.

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Online JWT Builder

Web page used to generate fake, but valid, JSON Web Tokens.

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RTL Markdown Editor Web

Markdown editor for rtl language.

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Tailwindcss Typography RTL

Add RTL support for tailwindcss-typography plugin.

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Arabic numbers to English numbers

Convert Arabic numbers to English numbers.

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Password Generator CLI

Node.js cli to generate passwords.

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Password Generator App

Password generator app to give you strong password.

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Copy Text

Copy text to user clipboard.