Search for Jira Issues with Ease Using JQL Builder

JQL builder is a supercharged PHP package that allows you to create Jira Query Language (JQL).

JQL Builder
Example for the package usage

Here's a brief example from the package's readme of using the JQL Builder:

$query = new Jql();

$query->where('project', 'PROJECT')->where('summary', '~', 'title');

echo $query; // 'project = "PROJECT" and summary ~ "title"'

At the release of this article, the JQL Builder supports the following functions:

  • where()
  • orWhere()
  • when()
  • whenNot()
  • orderBy()
  • rawQuery()
  • getQuery()

To start searching for Jira issues with your PHP applications, check out this package on GitHub at devmoath/jql-builder.